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Firm in my belief that love and respect for nature only come from being acquainted with it, I created this multilingual website in 2003 to display my most important journalistic pieces and the innumerable photographs of animals and plants I have taken in almost 50 years of activity. My work includes 14 books about nature, 70,000 slides that I am in the process of digitalizing and an archive of over 10,000 species which constitute the basis for a vast on-line encyclopedia entirely dedicated to nature.  

Thanks to the help of many generous and supportive friends, we have already composed and translated into English, Spanish, Italian and French, the descriptions of many species. However, in order to be able to complete this gigantic task in a reasonable time-frame, I am going to need the help of qualified scientific writers and of translators. Therefore, I hereby send out a plea to all universities as well as to all generous people of culture worldwide, to volunteer some of their time to help me in achieving my goal for which I would be very grateful.  

To get in touch with me, please click on the “Contact” tag, whilst with the “Monaco” tag you will see the country where I live, the Principality of Monaco, which has the chance to have a Sovereign attentive to the protection of the biodiversity, the climate changes and the protection of the environment, problems becoming more serious and urgent with every passing day. The solutions can only come through the public awareness, and I hope that also this website will be able to contribute to.