Anolis carolinensis

Family : Dactyloidae



Anolis carolinensis, Carolina anole, American green anole, American anole, Dactyloidae

The Anolis carolinensis, called Carolina anole, American green anole, American anole, Red-throated anole and sometimes American chameleon, is a small lizard of south-eastern USA. It’s 12-20 cm long, tail included and amazes for its capacity in changing colour from emerald green to dark brown in a few seconds, faster than a chameleon depending on temperature, luminosity or mimetic necessity. The males are very territorial and in a fight only the winner will get emerald green whilst the loser will withdraw in a pale dark brown. In the nuptial parades the males, brighter than ever, expand a red chinstrap and after one month from fecundation the females bury a ten of eggs. Like chameleons the eyes can move independently to better localize predators and preys. If lost, the tail grows up again and when needed they can make 35 cm leaps © Giuseppe Mazza



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