Canis lupus familiaris – Belgian Sheepdog

Family : Canidae

Text © Pietro Paolo Condò – Giudice Enci-fci


English translation by Mario Beltramini


Intelligent, dedicated to its master and watchful © Giuseppe Mazza

Intelligent, dedicated to its master and watchful © Giuseppe Mazza

Obviously a Belgian breed, it has four varieties with equivalent behaviour characteristics, but with substantial differences caused by the coat.

The most uncommon variety is the Lakenois, fawn, mahogany-fawn, with a 6 cm long fur with ruffled and rough to the touch hair.

Always of a fawn, mahogany-fawn colour, but with a short coat, is, on the contrary, the variety Malinois.

Always the same colour, but with long coat without curls, is characteristic of the variety Tervuren, all three typologies must have a black mask, that is black colour covering the muzzle and stretching, fading to the fawn, up to behind the eyes.

Completely black is the coat of the typology, by sure the most known by all the people: the Groenendal.

Very attached and dedicated dog to its master and its family, it has marked tendency to perform the task of guardian of the herd and of the estates.

Race which shows its intelligence thanks to its lively and questioning look. Always watchful and careful, it does not hesitate in being an excellent dog for the personal defence, brave and athletic, and can be well trained for this task. It knows, however, how to be a wise and untiring play companion for adults and kids.

The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-limbed dog, harmonious in its structure and very well-proportioned. It is a race which shows rusticity and intelligence. It lives well in open air, accustomed to the Belgian climate, context where the race has formed, and resists well to climate changes.


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