Canis lupus familiaris – Dachshund

Family : Canidae

Text © Pietro Paolo Condò – Giudice Enci-fci


English translation by Mario Beltramini


There are nine varieties of badger dog, here a Dachshund, with different sizes and hair © Mazza

There are nine varieties of badger dog, here a Dachshund, with different sizes and hair © Mazza

It is more correct to talk about German Badger Dogs, since there are nine different varieties of them, as per size and type of hair.

It has been selected between the ‘700 and the ‘800 in Germany, starting from short-legged Bloodhounds and obtaining smaller and lighter dogs capable to slip into the dens for obliging the wild animals to get out.

The first Dachshunds were standards with short hair; through crossings with small German Spaniels, later on, the long-haired were selected; finally, with the input of Dwarf Schnauzer and Scottish Terrier, they were able to select also the tough hair and with crossings with the Dwarf Pinscher, they obtained the smallest sizes, dwarf and kaninchen.

The Dachshund has a long body supported by short limbs, long head, accentuated stop, well developed truffle, strong, perfectly adhering, jaws, and oval eyes with a friendly expression, ears which adhere high with well rounded tips and very mobile.

The neck has a good length and is lank, the withers are long and high, the belly moderately retracted, the forelimbs muscled and sturdy, the hind ones well straight.

The tail gets thinner at the extremity. The hair can be short (thick hair), long (long hair with fringes on the neck, ears, back side of limbs and tail) and wire (bristly hair with beard and moustache on the muzzle and thick eyebrows). Colours: red, yellow, black merle or harlequin in the varieties with short and long hair; wild boar in the wire hair variety. The sizes are three: standard (weight 7-10 kg), miniature (thorax circumference 30-35 cm) and kaninchen (thorax circumference less than 30 cm).

Born for hunting in den, the Dachshund is everything but the classical home pet: in fact, it has an impetuous and zippy temper which loves the house comfort, but also the wild runs and the long walks. It is a devoted dog, brave, eager to fight, and, in family, is a valid guardian and a gay and sympathetic companion.


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