Canis lupus familiaris – Poodle

Family : Canidae

Text © Pietro Paolo Condò – Giudice Enci-fci


English translation by Mario Beltramini


No doubt, the poodle is one of the most known companion dogs © Mazza

No doubt, the poodle is one of the most known companion dogs © Mazza

The dog of poodle breed, one of the best known companion dogs in the world.

Once retriever dog in puddles, as referred by Canard, in France, as its origin country, and from Canard its French name almost surely comes: Caniche!

A polyhedral dog with a curly coat, from retriever it became a circus dog, then alarm dog, finally, companion dog.

Very much scenographic in the dog shows, with its clips, which render it rather whimsical, the back side shaved and several pompons, depending on the clips.

Clips which have, however, origin from the necessity of shaving some parts of the body in order to lighten the animal when working in the icy waters of the marshes as a retriever.

Four sizes: standard – medium – dwarf – toy, for five colours: white, black, brown, red-greyish tawny and apricot.

It loves the home life, the comforts, but it does not disdain the open air life, since ever, a fashion dog which well goes along with persons which love the beauty. Basically, they are healthy and long-living animals, the week point of the breed being possibly the eye flaws, but the serious and professional raisers can provide healthy and well socialized puppies.

The toy variety is by sure the most demanded, being the smallest, but the strength and the health of these, proverbially faithful, dogs, should not to be sacrificed to the size.


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