Eurycea guttolineata

Family : Plethodontidae


Eurycea guttolineata, Plethodontidae

The Eurycea guttolineata lives in the south-eastern USA along the tree-lined banks of watercourses and sources, where the infiltrations keep the soil humid. It can reach the 20 cm, including the tail that is much longer than the body. It swims perfectly and is active, hunting invertebrates, usually during the night or when it’s raining. Otherwise it keeps hidden, well sheltered by fallen trunks or rocks. Unlike other Plethodontidae it is not territorial and does, depending on the temperature, seasonal non-group migrations. The eggs are laid during the winter in cracks of the soil in contact with slow-flowing water courses. They hatch after 6-8 weeks and the larval life lasts 4-7 months © Giuseppe Mazza


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