Neobernaya spadicea

Family : Cypraeidae


Neobernaya spadicea, Cypraeidae

Present along the coast of the California, the Neobernaya spadicea has a 40-80 mm shell unmistakable due to the large dorsal pale brown-reddish spot with the edge tending to black on clear background. A carnivorous cowry with sparkling shell that nourishes of sponges, anemones, tunicates, eggs, dead fishes and other corpses of animals it finds rummaging on the bottoms. The translucent brown mantle covering the animal in movement is dotted of dark short and squat sensory tactile papillae. Unlike many cowries this gastropod does not live hidden during the day and can be easily found on algae and pebbles at varying depths of the infra-littoral plane up to about 35-40 m © Giuseppe Mazza


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