Platysaurus guttatus

Family : Cordylidae


Platysaurus guttatus, Cordylidae, Dwarf flat lizard

Present in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, the Platysaurus guttatus displays a remarkable sexual dimorphism. The females and the young have the back blackish brown with three thin broken stripes and light dots, whilst the adult males, apart spots and stripes, have the back blue and the tail orange. But in particular this species astonishes for the flat body that allows them to slip safe from the chasers into the cracks of the rocks. In English it is called “Dwarf flat lizard”. As a matter of fact, they are only 5 cm long, excluding the tail. Very nimble, they live in small family groups. The females lay only 2 white eggs © Giuseppe Mazza


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