Rosa ‘Comte de Chambord’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Damask Perpetual, Portland

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Peter Thompson



Old Rose.

A Damask rose of the Portland group, created in France in 1860 by Robert & Moreau.

Up to 55 petals, shaded pink, with the intense perfume of a Damask rose.

A plant which takes up relatively little space, and is therefore well-suited to small gardens, with very large flowers that belie its size.

Parentage :

‘Baronne Prévost’ × ‘Portland Rose’

Awards :

1998 - Dowager Rose Queen : East Bay Rose Society

1999 - Dowager Rose Queen : Garden State Rose Club (New Jersey)

2000 - Dowager Rose Queen : Milwaukee Rose Society - Pacific Northwest District

2001 - Dowager Rose Queen : Albuquerque Rose Society - Fraser Pacific Rose

Society - Wasco Rose Society - Watauga Valley Rose Society

2005 - Dowager Rose Queen : Albuquerque Rose Society

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