Rosa ‘Emera’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Modern shrubby rose




Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza




English translation by Ignacio Barrionuevo





Do you want to colour your garden fuchsia?

Created in 1989 in Germany by Werner Noack, ‘Emera’ is the Landscape, Groundcover rose for you. It is also known by the unequivocal names of ‘Blooming Carpet’, ‘Floral Carpet’ and ‘Pink Flower Carpet’.

This shrubs shows shiny, dark-green leaves, is 30-70 cm tall and can even grow 120 cm wide with its long curved branches, bent by the weight of the semi-double blooms, with around 15 fuchsia-coloured petals that give off a light fragrance.

Blooms repeatedly and generously during the whole vegetative period. It’s a triploid variety, which means that carries 3 chromosomes of each kind instead of 2, but this doesn’t mean any problem because in the successful roses world the reproduction is only carried out using cutting propagation.

Variety denomination : NOAtraum

Parentage :

‘Immensee’ × ‘Amanda’

Awards :

1990 - The Hague Gold Medal - Royal National Rose Society: Trial Ground Certificate - Anerkannte Deutsche Rose Novelty Trials

1994 - Bagatelle Rose Trials: 1er Prix

1996 - Association des Journalistes du Jardin et de l’Horticulture : Prix de la Rose

1999 - Lake Superior Rose Society Show: Modern Shrub Rose - Rosexpo Montreal Show: Best Modern Shrub Rose Spray or Specimen

2007 - Bagatelle Rose Trials: 1er Prix


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