Rosa ‘Old Blush’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Old Rose - Hybrid of Rosa chinensis

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Mario Beltramini



‘Old Blush’ is a celebrated hybrid of Rosa chinensis born in China before 1793, when it was introduced in England by Parsons, nurseryman.

It is also known as ‘Bengale Cramoisi’, ‘Bishop Pompallier’s Rose’, ‘Blush China (Old Blush)’, ‘Chang Wei’, ‘Common China’, ‘Common Monthly’, ‘Daily Blush’, ‘Fen Hong Yue Yue Hong’, ‘Kut’h Gulab’, ‘Last Rose of Summer’, ‘Old Pink Daily’, ‘Old Pink Monthly’, ‘Ordinaire’, ‘Pallida’, ‘Parsons’ Pink China’, ‘Pink Monthly Red’, Rosa x odorata ‘Pallida’, ‘Rose Semi-Double’, ‘Rosier des Indes commun’.

It has played an important role in the roses history as has brought to Europe the character of the remontancy, thus opening the way to the Perennial Hybrids and other known varieties among which the Bourbon Roses.

Clear and pointed leaves, as customary to a Rosa chinensis, and semi-double or double flowers of about 7 cm, sometimes in small clusters, with silver pink petals and more or less intense shades, arranged in cup often flat.

Vigourous shrub, with little maintenance, tolerant of shade, that can reach the 3 m of height, on a 2 m base, cultivable as bush, fence or as small climber.

The autumnal blooming is guaranteed only in the warm climates and can be an elegant, unusual, cut flower.

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