Rosa ‘Salet’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Moss Rose

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Peter Thompson



Old Rose.

Moss Rose created in France in 1854 by François Lacharme.

Buds with outgrowth characteristics that resemble moss, and up to 50 pink petals, slightly perfumed and a little dishevelled.

Sometimes reflowers toward the end of the season. Adapted to small gardens.

Awards :

1998 - Dowager Rose Queen : Missoula Rose Society

1999 - Dowager Rose Queen : Chesapeake Rose Society - Columbus Rose Society - Illinois/Indiana District - Northeastern Illinois Rose Society - Potomac Rose Society

2000 - Dowager Rose Queen : Fair Friends of the Rose - Forest City Rose Society - Long Island Rose Society

2001 - Dowager Rose Queen : Central Louisiana Rose Society - Cleveland & Lincoln County Rose Society Show - Combined Chicagoland Rose Society - Forest City Rose Society - Illinois/Indiana District - Long Island Rose Society - New York State District

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