Rosa ‘Sweet Juliet’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Modern shrubby rose - English Rose Collection

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Ignacio Barrionuevo



Born in 1989, ‘Sweet Juliet’ makes part of the group of shrubby modern roses, known as English roses, created by David Austin though the breeding between recent and classical varieties. They conserve the romantic look and the perfume of the old roses, but are remontant.

The shrub, quite vigorous, shows dark green leaves which tolerate the half shade and, in general, resist quite well the diseases, with the sole exception of the susceptibility to powdery mildew in humid climates. It can be even 150 cm high and a 100 cm in diameter, thanks to the many branches that grow each year at its base.

The flowers, which show an intense scent and are usually reunited in clusters, might even measure 6 cm in diameter, with rosette-disposed petals, pink-apricot in colour fading to cream shades when they grow older.

This variety blooms until late autumn. The weaker branches should be cut in spring and will be replaced by new branches, and it should be watered at ground level, with drip irrigation for example, avoiding the spill of water over the leaves in order to evade the attacks of the Oidium.

Variety denomination : AUSleap

Parentage :

‘Graham Thomas’ × ‘Admired Miranda’

Awards :

1992 - Belfast Rose Trials: Most Fragrant Rose

2001 - Chesapeake & Delaware Rose Society Show: Modern Shrub Rose

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