Takydromus sexlineatus

Family : Lacertidae


Takydromus sexlineatus, Lacertidae

The Takydromus sexlineatus is a lizard with a very vast distribution in South and South-East Asia. It can be found from India and southern China to Burma and in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It lives in the margin of sparse forests, but mainly in open, sunny and grassy zones. Elongated head, slender trunk but especially a huge tail, even eight times bigger than the length of the body. Overall, it can exceed the 30 cm. It serves to distribute the weight on the stems without bending them when it climbs vertically and for escaping very fast on the grass, jumping from a plant to another, without touching the soil. The limbs are thin with long and thin fingers for quick catches, the back, with overlapped scales, is brown with a longitudinal dark band that crosses the eye and others, more or less marked, per a total of six as shown in the scientific name. It nourishes of insects and spiders that swallows whole with a rapid forward jerk, mainly in the morning and late afternoon. The females lay 4 to 6 eggs per year © Giuseppe Mazza


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