Tiliqua scincoides

Family : Scincidae


Tiliqua scincoides, Scincidae

The Tiliqua scincoides is frequent in all Australia with 3 subspecies. It can reach the 55 cm, of which 20 do pertain to the big tail that it can abandon only in extreme instances. The skin is smooth, brown-grey, reddish, with many clear transversal bands. When it is menaced, it hisses displaying a showy blue tongue for scaring the importuners and even if the teeth are small, their bite may hurt. It does not love the wet locations and nourishes of snails, slugs, worms and insects without ignoring some vegetables, young of rodents and nestlings. The females are ovoviviparous and generate even 14 newborns, autonomous and of good size, that in captivity can live even 30 years © G. Mazza


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