Trioceros bitaeniatus

Family : Chamaeleonidae


Trioceros bitaeniatus, Chamaeleonidae

The Trioceros bitaeniatus presents, as the scientific name states, two stripes on the sides. These are usually clear on green background but also of colour bright orange on green background and even black. It has a small helmet without occipital lobes and reaches the 15 cm. It lives in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Congo even at 4000 m of altitude, moving among high grass and shrubs in a belt parallel to the soil between 1 and 2 m of height. It looks for insects mostly grasshoppers and coleopterans that seizes with the known technique of the long retractile sticky tongue typical to the family of the Chamaeleonidae. The females, with a tail thinner than that of the males, are ovoviviparous and generate 3-25 independent newborns even twice a year © Giuseppe Mazza


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