Umbraculum umbraculum

Family : Umbraculidae


The Umbrella slug (Umbraculum umbraculum) known also as Umbraculum mediterraneum, seen that after some it should be an independent Mediterranean species, is a cosmopolitan gastropod of relatively shallow waters that rarely goes down under the 50 m of depth. A big, even 20 cm long, mollusc with an only 7 cm shell covered by algae visible only, looking like an umbrella, in the upper part. The colour of the oval body, warty, is brown-yellowish, which seems to depend from its feeding. The eyes, very small- stand at the base of two showy tubular rhinophores, yellow or orange, with which the animal analyzes the water localizing preys, dangers and possible partners. It can be often found on the sandy seabeds near to rocks or corals where do grow the sponges of which it nourishes. The eggs, that can be millions, are placed in microscopical capsules united in 22 mm tall and 1 m long ribbons © Giuseppe Mazza


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