Anolis sagrei

Family : Dactyloidae



Anolis sagrei, brown anole, Bahaman anole, De la Sagra's Anole, Dactyloidae

Native to the Bahamas and Cuba, the Anolis sagrei has been introduced in Mexico, southern USA and other Caribbean islands. About 17-18 cm long, is one of the smallest species of Anolis. It distinguishes for the reddish brown colour of the livery, very variable, never green, and the habitat, mainly terrestrial. Also in this species are possible sudden changes of colour to darker and more uniform ones and the males are territorial with a very developped dewlap to seduce and threat increasing the size. They eat insects, spiders, and at times young small reptilians, fruits and nectar. They run very fast on the ground and in the reproductive period the females lay one egg per week under the leaves of the litter. This measures about 1 cm and hatches in 3-4 weeks © Giuseppe Mazza



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