Bolitoglossa dofleini

Family : Plethodontidae


Bolitoglossa dofleini, Plethodontidae

Present in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, up to 1450 of altitude, the Doflein’s salamander (Bolitoglossa dofleini) is the biggest membre of the genus Bolitoglossa. The females can be 114,8 mm long and are mainly terrestrial, whilst the males are content with their 70 mm and have more arboreal tendencies climbing the branches up to 2-3 m from the ground. In order to complete rapidly the dimorphism the females have shorter limbs and almost double teeth. Both sexes for reaching the maturity take 10-12 years and in many locations the species is declining because of the trade of the females, that are easily collected on the ground, as terrarium animals. In nature these amphibians nourish mostly of ants but also of other small invertebrates that get within the reach of their very fast tongue © Giuseppe Mazza


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