Campanula cochleariifolia

Family : Campanulaceae

Text © Alessandro Bordin

English translation by Mario Beltramini


Perennial orophilous, excellent for rock gardens © Giuseppe Mazza

Perennial orophilous, excellent for rock gardens © Giuseppe Mazza

Common name : Fairies’ thimble.

Scientific name : Campanula cochleariifolia Lam. (1785).

Subspecies : none.

Phytogeographic type : South-European orophyte.

Habitat : screes, debris, cracks in the rocks.

Rocky substratum : calcareous.

Altitude : 800-3.000 m.

Flowering : July-August.

Brief description. Perennial plant. Stems: several thin and ascending (5-20 cm) stems develop from the ramified and crawling rhizome. Inferior leaves : persistent at the flowering, are round-shaped and form a carpet. Caulinar leaves : oval-elliptical, missing in the upper part of the stem. Flowers : each stem carries on the tip 2-6 hanging flowers. Calyx : upright or somewhat missing lacinias. Corolla : 5 lilac-coloured lobes divided only on the top. Fruit : capsule containing many seeds.

Possibility of confusion with other species : none.

Possibility of cultivation : ideal for rockeries.

Synonyms: Campanula caespitosa Vill.; Campanula bellardi All.; Campanula pusilla Haenke.


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