Felis silvestris – Chausie

Family : Felidae

Text © Dr Didier Hallépée


English translation by Mario Beltramini


Chausie © Giuseppe Mazza

Chausie © Giuseppe Mazza

The Chausie is a breed of cat native to USA. This cat is characterized by its structure which approaches it to the Chaus (Felis chaus). The Chausie is the result of hybridization between a Chaus and a tamed cat.

The first crossings took place by the end of the sixties in order to obtain a savage type cat and next to the Chaus, but with the character of a tamed animal. Abyssinians, Orientals, Bengals and also feral cats having a savage look were chosen. The breed is recognized a new one. It cannot enter a competition.


The cats born from the hybridization of a feral cat and a tamed one are called F1. The subjects of the following generation are called F2 and so on. In hybridization, the males are sterile during several generations (4 to 6), from where comes the utilization of tamed cats as male reproducers for creating a new line.

The generations F1 to F3 are considered as savage, forbidden in the expositions and subject to specific dispositions concerning their detention. Depending on the lines, the subjects F4 to F6 can be not totally stabilized on the morphologic or temperamental point of view.

The Chausie is a big cat which moves like a feline. Active, it bears solitude with difficulty and needs companionship.


Big sweet triangle when seen from the front, the head has a medium size. The cheek-bones are marked and angular. The front is slightly cambered. Seen from the side, this soft curve change slightly of direction by the beginning of the nose and forms a slight concave slope. The well broad nose is slightly hooked and the truffle is bulged.

The muzzle is in harmony with the remainder of the head with rounded whisker pads. The chin is firm. Of medium size, the eyes, which form a slightly flattened oval, are slightly bias. The gold to yellow colour is preferred, the hazel or green are accepted. High and big, the ears are placed close to each other. Broad at the base, they have a rounded tip. Tufts are desirable, but cats without them must not be penalized. A thumb print of pale colour back of the ear is sought for. Well muscled, the neckline is of medium size and width. Long and powerful, the body is rectangular.

The Chausie is a hybrid of a wild cat © Mazza

The Chausie is a hybrid of a wild cat © Mazza

The musculature is powerful but flat and is the chest is broad and deep; the thorax must not be rounded.

Averagely long, the paws are well muscled with a medium bone frame. The rear ones, particularly powerful, show the attitude of this cat to run and jump. Round, the feet are small if compared to the size of the cat.

Rather thick, the tail measures about the ¾ of the length of the tail of a normal cat, with a reduced number of vertebrae. A longer tail is accepted. In any case, it must be well articulated.

Short to medium and close to the body, the fur must anyway have a sufficient length to allow each hair to have at least four alternate bands, pale and dark, called ticking. The down-hair participates to the specificity of the mantle, at times silky and elastic.

Authorized crossings

Chausie x Chausie

Chausie x Abyssinian

Chausie x tamed cat not belonging to any breed

Chausie x Felis Chaus


Black, pattern ticked tabby.


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