Rosa ‘Beverly’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Hybrid Tea

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Mario Beltramini



Hybrid Tea created in Germany by Kordes in 1999 and put on the market in Germany in 2007 with the name of ‘Beverly’, but known also as ‘Perfume Passion’, ‘Pink Perfection’ and ‘Sophie Davant’.

Sturdy and thick shrub, with vertical posture, and medium green foliage. It usually reaches the 80-120 cm with a diametre of 50 cm.

The flowers, mostly isolated, with even 45 petals, are even 10 cm broad, but are mainly noted because of their chameleonic changes in colour and the intense perfume.

The colour of the roses in fact depends also on the pH of the petals and when this changes quickly it is normal that the shades of colour change visibly. So, the intense background pink colour fades getting clear with the time, starting from the edge of the petals, formed by older cells, in elegant contrast with the central part of the flower. Finally, in the mature roses, this difference disappears and the overall look is more uniform and clear.

For some the perfume of this rose reminds the lily of the valley, for others the fragrance of peaches, pears or of the citrus fruits, and some speak of clear notes of ginger. As a matter of fact, the perceptions vary a lot from person to person but all agree on its particular intensity.

Rich blossom with rapid recovery, after pruning, during the vegetative season and good resistance to diseases.

Variety denomination : KORpauvio

Parentage :

‘McCartney Rose’ × Seedling

Awards :

2008 - Baden-Baden Fragrance Prize - Baden-Baden Silver Medal

2009 - Belfast Most Fragrant Rose / R.J. Frizzell Award - Nagaoka Silver Award

2010 - Hradec Králové Honourable Mention - La Tacita Gold (First Prize) Hybrid Tea - Nantes Public’s Choice - Nantes 1st Grand Prize

2011 - Nagasaki Silver Medal - The Hague Fragrance Award

2012 - Australia Best Hybrid Tea - Australia Best Rose in Trial - Australia Gold Medal - Australia Most Fragrant Rose - Glasgow People’s Choice - Glasgow Tollcross Fragrance Award - The Hague Silver Certificate

2013 - Biltmore Best Hybrid Tea - Biltmore Most Fragrant Rose - The Hague Gold Certificate - The Hague Golden Rose

2014 - Gifu Best Hybrid Tea - Gifu Silver Medal

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