Rosa forrestiana

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Wild Species

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Mario Beltramini



The Rosa forrestiana Boulenger (1936) is a species native to China, dedicated to the Scottish botanist George Forrest (1873-1932) who collected it in 1918 on the Yunnan mountains where it grows between the 2400 and the 3000 m of altitude.

The shrub, vigourous, with medium green leaves formed by 5-9 elements, even surpasses the 2 m of height and stands well the cold, up to -20 °C.

The flowers, simple, with 4-8 more or less intense pink petals, are solitary or in small clusters. Slightly perfumed, they reach the 2-3,5 cm of diametre, with paler petals towards the base, close to the showy golden stamina.

Only one generous blooming in spring that gives way to red rosehips of elongated shape, very decorative.

Good ground cover needing poor maintenance for the rocky and alpine gardens.

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