Rosa ‘Pink Grootendorst’

Family : Rosaceae

Class : Rugosa Hybrid

Text and pictures © Giuseppe Mazza


English translation by Peter Thompson



Old Rose.

A hybrid of Rosa rugosa , discovered by Grootendorst in Holland in 1923.

It was born as a sport of ‘F. J. Grootendorst’, a red, scented rose, created in 1918 by De Goey.

It is not a particularly stable change, however, as its 25-30 pinkish petals turn red or show both colours at the same time.

Very resistant to disease

Awards :

1999 - Classic Shrub Rose : Northeast Georgia Rose Society - Tallahassee Area Rose Society

1999 - Victorian : Salem Rose Society

2000 - Classic Shrub Rose : Del-Chester Rose Society - Greater Rochester Rose Society - Marin Rose Society - Philadelphia Rose Society

2001 - Classic Shrub Rose : Fair Friends of the Rose - Great Lakes District - Greater Harrisburg Rose Society - Reno Rose Society

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