Trochus maculatus

Family : Trochidae


Trochus maculatus, Trochidae

The Trochus maculatus is an edible gastropod very common in the whole Indo-Pacific area, Red Sea included. The shell, massive and heavy, of conical form, can reach the 7 cm and feeds the industry of the buttons. The sculpture is formed by decurrent ribs, irregularly granular, adorned with reddish flammules, but also of coral red, violet or brown colours, on an off-white background. There are also specimens with the shell completely brown. It lives among the corals and rocks up to 10 m of depth, nourishing of green algae, red algae and of benthic diatoms. In the breedings of the Philippines, they have observed the reproduction in group, at rising tide, mainly 1-2 days after the full moon. The males assume the initiative emitting the sperm and the surrounding females, up to about 1 m of distance, release immediately the eggs. The fecundation and diffusion of the species is consequently entrusted to currents © Giuseppe Mazza


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