Favorinus branchialis

Family : Facelinidae


Favorinus branchialis, Facelinidae

Present in Mediterranean and in the Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to Canary Islands and African coast, the Favorinus branchialis is a gastropod belonging to the order of the Nudibranchia. It measures about 25 mm. When young its eats Cnidaria of the genus Obelia and then predates the eggs of other Nudibranchia and sea hares of the genera Aplysia, Tylodina, Polycera and Archidoris. The body is covered by skin protuberances similar to bananas called cerates with respiratory and digestive function. The colour, usually glazed superficially by a white pigment, depends also on food that is completely assimilated, without leaving any waste, seen that this unusual animal has no anus © Giuseppe Mazza


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