Felimare picta

Family : Chromodorididae


Felimare picta, Glossodoris valenciennesi, Hypselodoris picta, Painted dorid, Chromodorididae

The great variability of the Painted dorid (Felimare picta) has created many synonyms among which Hypselodoris picta and Glossodoris valenciennesi. In fact, the thick and variable golden drawings can stand on pale yellow, light blue, blue, violet, green dark brown and black background. This nudibranch, long at most 20 cm, is common in the Mediterranean up to 60 m of depth and on the two sides of the Atlantic reaching the North Sea and Caribbean. We talk of various subspecies. The imposing gill plume is formed by 11 ramified plumes that the animal draws back when curling up in case of danger in order to expose the attacker the venomous vesicles with the deterrent odour placed on the head and on the tail. It nourishes gnawing with the radula the sponges belonging to the genus Ircinia © Giuseppe Mazza


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